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$59 per square foot?!?

We offer "Complete Lock & Key" packages & also our money-saving "Economy" package . . .

With our "Economy" package, we provide:
All of this we do for a typical price of appx $59/SF. On a 2,500/SF home, that's only $149,900, on a 3,000/SF home, that's $177,777, and on a 3,500/SF, that's an unbelievable $199,900! You can add options as needed if there are some phases of construction that you don't want to handle yourself, and you can also take on any of the phases above for a discount as well. You get to choose your brick & exterior siding, your roof color, your window color, your front door style, your electrical switchplate & outlet cover colors --- virtually everything that needs a color or style choice is yours to make with ample allowances for the costs.

Note that all sites and plans are different, and not every plan will experience costs of appx $59/SF for an Economy package. Foundation costs for non-traditional projects like foundations on pads, mud sills, piers/caissons, i.e., those in poor soils or those with severe slopes, utility costs to install sewer or water taps or bring power or water to a job site, extensive site prep, tree removal costs, travel costs to a site beyond the Tri-County area, premium plans with high ceilings & sharp roof slopes, lots with access issues and many other factors can increase the price considerably. Therefore, all plans, specs & sites must be pre-approved by us in advance for this price & package to be utilized.

This Economy package will not provide you with a complete, ready-to-move-into home on its own; you will have to provide a large portion of the finish work labor & materials yourself after the drywall is complete inside & a bit of the exterior site finishing work as well, so click here for a list of virtually all the items & costs you may or will have to provide yourself. We can also provide you with fee-based consultation services to get your project going on the right foot forward, which may save you tens of thousands of dollars.

We will work with you to customize your project to your needs. For instance, if you can do your own drywall, we'll discount the project to let you handle that, but if there's something in the "finish" phase that you don't feel comfortable with, we will give you a price to handle any of those items.

Should you decide that doing some of the work yourself is not suitable for you, choose a "Complete Lock & Key" package & let us do all the work. Your home will be truly complete and ready to move into --- there's no construction work you'll have to do to occupy the home, no "gotchas" & no surprises. Many builders typically omit important items such as the septic tank, which is usually a minimum of $4,000 for the tank, the perc test, design & permit, but in many cases can be upwards of $15,000 or more in the bad soil that's abundant in South Central Alabama. Many other builders' plans don't include appliances, but we include a 25/CF side-by-side refrigerator (which you can upgrade or downgrade if desired), a dishwasher, an electric smooth-surface radiant glass range with oven (which you can upgrade to gas), a 1,200-watt built-in microwave with microhood, and a sink disposer. Of course, you get to choose all these appliances at the retailers of your own choice (including the discount distributors we use) with a generous allowance built into the price, and we connect you with merchants who discount their items way below most retailers, which can save you thousands alone on appliances, flooring, blinds, countertops, cabinets, plumbing/electrical fixtures & much more. Some builders don't even factor in lighting fixtures, but we provide not only all the fixtures on our completed plans, we also provide ceiling fans in the living room & bedrooms as part of the price, and you can choose them also with a generous allowance of $1 per square foot of your home's living area, which custom builders use as a general benchmark, rule-of-thumb figure to use to properly outfit a home, which also includes a door bell, smoke alarms, attic lighting, outside flood lights & porch lanterns, i.e., the fixtures you may not think about that are truly necessary. Our price includes minimum 9' ceilings, whereas many builders typically quote plans with 8' ceilings --- 9' ceilings became a standard some 30 years ago, and typically only really cheap housing (like in gov't housing developments, apartments and economy/tract/cookie cutter housing) still use 8' ceilings. We also provide quality Delta plumbing fixtures that you also get to choose with a generous allowance, and we also provide 2" plantation blinds on all windows & doors. We also provide sprayfoam attic & exterior wall insulation at no extra charge to you, which typically cuts your energy costs by over $1,000+ each year, not to mention being the "green" choice of better insulation for our planet, plus we insulate interior walls of bedrooms & baths for sound control, which is another plus you don't usually get elsewhere. Add all this up and you'll get tens of thousands of dollars in extras from us that you won't get with our competition's homes with their "teaser" prices for "complete" homes that are actually "bare bones" packages with basic 4-square designs & low ceilings with many items left out to complete the home before you can even move in! Also note that our executive staff's main experience is in building large custom family homes, not small cheap production-style houses, so we know what is truly expected by those who want amenities you typically find in larger custom homes.

All of our work comes with a 1-year builder's warranty which you will have a copy of when you authorize the Building Agreement between you and us.

We have a fantastic local custom home designer we work with who will custom-draw a plan from scratch & customize them to suit you for less money than any designer in this state, or will edit your plans if you have them on CAD, or you can choose from one of the many plans he offers and customize them as desired, or we'll work with your own plans and customize those for you if desired as well.

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