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Items you provide in the "Economy" package

Please note that the $59/SF "Economy" package will not give you a home ready to move into, as it will not be complete; you will have to provide most of the"finish work" labor & materials yourself, but if you're talented at painting, trim, flooring, tile, hanging cabinets, i.e., the typical "D-I-Y" (do-it-yourself) tasks, this package can save you well into 5-figures in costs. You should be able to actually do these items yourself vs contracting out as the savings is realized by providing sweat equity yourself vs paying subcontractor labor to do it. On a typical "Economy" package with you handling all other items needed beyond what we provide, you could save many many thousands of dollars on a typical 2,500/SF home. If you have a few reservations about doing this but have some construction talent, don't worry --- we can provide you with reasonably-priced consulting services to help guide you through the phases outside of the work we provide or we can do one or more of the tasks not included for a reasonable price to custom-tailor your project to your needs.

Here's a list of virtually all of the items (materials & labor) that you'll need to provide yourself if you choose our "Economy" package, but we will provide any of these items & labor for an additional charge if needed/desired. Also note the limitations of what we do provide on the previous page. Included below are some of the "hidden" costs many discount builders don't share with you until AFTER you sign on the dotted line. You can use this list to get an idea of your costs to finish your home, and it's reliable, but not guaranteed to be all-inclusive as there may be other costs required to complete your home that are not listed that we may be unaware of without looking at your plan or site or that may come up during the course of construction:

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