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The Details & Our Mission

QualityCraft Construction LLC is a State-licensed Home Builder. Like any custom home builder, we custom-build all our homes on our customers' land in the traditional manner. They are "stick-framed" by our crew using raw lumber from our local lumber suppliers at your site. We do not sell or build "modular" homes, which are homes that are mostly built at a factory as "modules", then transported to the site and assembled together there. We also do not sell or build trailers or mobile homes, which are now also being called "manufactured homes". We also do not sell or build homes that were formerly ships cargo containers, nor do we sell or build "micro" homes that can be put on the back of a trailer and hauled around. We do use pre-fab trusses to support our roofs.

We offer complete "Lock & Key" packages & also money-saving "Economy" package, the latter of which allows you to do some of the work yourself to save money. For more info on our Economy package, visit this link.

We will also work with you to customize your project to your needs. For instance, if you can do your own painting, we'll discount the project to let you handle that.

Should you decide to choose a "Lock & Key" completed plan, your home will be truly complete and ready to move into --- there's no construction work to do to occupy the home & no costs you'll have to pay to construct the home, no "gotchas". All you'll have to pay are your typical closing costs on the permanent loan when the construction is complete, but even that can be financed in most cases. Many builders typically omit important and/or necessary items in their bids, such as the septic tank, which is usually a minimum of $4,000 for the tank, the perc test, design & permit, and that assumes good soil --- it could be 5 times that price or more if your soil is poor. Many other builders' plans don't include appliances, but we have a generous allowance built into the price to allow you enough money to purchase all your kitchen appliances needed, chosen at the retailers of your own choice (including the discount distributors we use), and we connect you with merchants who discount their items way below most retailers, which can save you thousands alone on appliances, flooring, blinds, countertops, cabinets, plumbing & electrical fixtures & much more. Other builders don't even factor in lighting fixtures, but we provide not only all the fixtures on our completed plans, we also provide ceiling fans in the living room & bedrooms as part of the price, and you can choose them also with a generous allowance that's typically $1/SF of your home's living area, which smart custom builders use as a typical benchmark, rule-of-thumb figure to outfit a home with proper lighting and other accessories needed such as the door bell, smoke alarms, attic lighting, outside flood lights & porch lanterns, i.e., the fixtures you may not think about that are truly necessary. Our price includes minimum 9' ceilings, whereas many builders typically quote plans with 8' ceilings --- 9' ceilings became a standard over 30 years ago, and typically only really cheap housing (like gov't housing developments, apartments and economy/tract/cookie cutter housing) still use 8' ceilings. We also provide quality Delta plumbing fixtures that you also get to choose with a generous allowance, and we also provide 2" plantation blinds on all windows & doors. We also provide R-13 exterior wall insulation & we use only sprayfoam insulation in the attic & exterior walls exclusively at no extra charge to you, which typically cuts your energy costs by hundreds & even thousands of dollars each year, not to mention the "green" choice of better insulation for our planet, plus we insulate interior walls of bedrooms & baths for sound control, which is another plus you get from us. Add all this up and you'll get tens of thousands of dollars in extras from us that you won't get with our competition's homes with their "teaser" prices for "complete" homes that are actually "bare bones". Also note that our executive staff has experience at building large custom homes (see some examples below), so we know what is truly expected by those who are downsizing to save money, yet still want amenities you typically find in much larger homes.

All of our work comes with a 1-year written warranty which you will have a copy of when you authorize the Building Agreement between you and us.

We have a fantastic local custom home designer who will customize any plan to suit you, or you can choose from one of the many plans we offer and customize them as desired, or we'll work with your own plans and customize those for you if desired as well.

IMPORTANT: Note that in order to customize an internet-purchased plan cost-effectively for you, it will have to be available in CAD format, which can up the price considerably from internet plan providers, or it will have to be redrawn, which is the same cost as a new custom plan, so I highly advise that you not buy a plan on the internet unless you purchase the CAD format they offer, as you will spend more money than if you had started with us from scratch to design your new plan. Internet plans also do not typically reflect the preferred home styles of an area. For example, in our area, homes with a stucco veneer and a Mediterranean style do not sell well. Siding veneers do well in the countryside, but not well in city/suburban neighborhoods here unless the entire neighborhood features this style. Also note that internet plans typically do not provide a site plan nor a foundation plan that takes into consideration the slope of your lot or the soil, which is highly important & required to obtain a building permit. We can help you avoid those pitfalls by starting from scratch with us if you don't have a plan already.

Your site will dictate your costs more than anything. If you have a severely-sloping lot, or a lot of trees, or no close access to utilities, or bad "prairie" soil, or want to build in a flood plain --- all these things will add costs to your project. It's important to find a fairly-level lot on red clay soil with little to no trees in the area where the home will be placed (no trees within 20 feet of the home's footprint is advisable or they have to be removed completely by the roots) and having access to necessary utilities (and an accessible road) are all utmost in priority. That advice alone can save you literally $100,000+ on project --- imagine having to spend that to do a mud sill footing or a compacted pad, plus a very expensive engineered septic system, clearing a lot of trees & debris/brush, having to build a basement plan due to severe slope, paying a lot of money to get utilities to your site or having to dig a well due to having no water nearby, spending tens of thousands to control erosion and build retaining walls, or installing piers to raise the home above flood level. These are all things other homeowners have had to do on their projects that you can avoid if you select the RIGHT lot. Remember that economy builders typically don't include excessive site prep in their prices (if any site prep at all), which work we'll gladly do if needed, but that's an additional cost to factor in. Our plan prices assume a fairly level lot (no more than 1% slope) with no trees, good soil conditions for a foundation and septic tank, access to water, power & phone within 100 feet of the home site, having a good road access to the homesite and being within a 50-mile range of Montgomery, AL. There are other terms and conditions that are a part of the Building Agreement.

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